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2014-08-06 12:08 pm

Something a few friends might like :)

We've had cat shaming and dog shaming. Now we have Dice shaming.
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2009-09-22 08:22 am


livejournal in being crap shocker, again.

So why do we pay for this?
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2009-05-19 02:16 pm


apart from being pink, it looks exactly like LJ
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2008-05-09 06:05 pm


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2008-01-03 07:42 am


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2007-12-30 07:57 pm

lé báh!

I can't cook.

Well, not properly anyway. I decided to make meatballs in gravy, with mashed spuds.

My meatballs fell apart while cooking. I guess the onion wasn't chopped fine enough, or i used too much breadcrumb, or too much egg.

Oh well, we're now having cottage pie for dinner...
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2007-12-13 06:15 pm

for those sensible enough

not to be on facebook, this is currently doing the funwall rounds, it's actually quite good.
Worksafe uchoob vid
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2007-12-11 07:48 pm

Important Announcement!

The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned back on!
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2007-10-25 01:45 pm


you know it's good scotch broth when you can eat it with a fork ...
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2007-10-23 12:44 pm


someone at work accidentally opened a door as I was walking past, which gave me a rather resounding crack on the arm

now my arm hurts
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2007-10-22 05:41 pm

one step forward, two steps back?

A while ago I had a thought, today while out getting lunch I saw it in action.

With the advent of smaller and smaller technology, in particular for this example bluetooth phone headsets, I wondered whether people's opinions would change.

As the old saying goes, the first sign of madness is talking to yourself. I've often wondered with the more widespread use of the bluetooth headset, and it negating the necessity of having a phone on view, whether talking to oneself in the street would become more socially acceptable

On my way to the sandwich shop at lunch, there was one of the local care in the community guys (not sure the PC way of describing people with disabilities these days) wandering down the street, minding his own business, quite happily having a conversation with himself.

A bit further on, there's a woman, in business suite with attache case and a purposful stride, for all intents and purposes talking to herself and gesticulating as she's walking down the street. Granted on closer inspection you can see her headset tucked out the way under her hair, but still, if you weren't to know, how would you tell the difference?
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2007-10-18 08:04 am


a bit chilly out there this morning. glad i decided to light the fire last night, the cars needed scraping this morning. Well, I started the Jimny and left it with the engine running, seems to do a better job and less likelihood of scratching the windscreen, mine's still sat out there with frost on it
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2007-07-24 12:40 am

another no-content post

want to learn how to dance?
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2007-07-13 08:59 am

more wong numbers...

Hey everyone, i'd like you to meet my new best friend. They called me up at 2am Thursday morning, and then again 4 times (!) at 3am this morning. I even answered them, only to discover they can't talk, and so hung up the phone

I'd encourage you all to call them and say Hi, I'm sure they're really a great person

Phone number is 07807 824133

Don't worry if it goes to answerphone, just leave them a message, I did, several times...
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2007-05-30 08:53 pm

tee vee

anyone who's after a good bit of geeky watching should take a looksie here

I would have, but I've just completed my set
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2007-05-22 09:52 pm


Blizzard are shite

Their patch downloader is really shite

Not only does it assrape your connection of you don't watch it, it has currently downloaded 505Mb of 'something' to get a 276Mb patch file


Unsure whether to use my wtf, or my gaming icon...

To blizz

Get your act together you gnomeshaggers, and while you're at it, stop the wazzocks from sending 'buy wow gold now' whispers.
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2007-01-22 04:42 pm


BBC news website for Scotland contains this entry, new jobs for scotland. Shame the stock image the bbc have used contains 'advertising' for NCR, who are in the process of laying off a large number of workers in Dundee...
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2007-01-18 08:26 am


It's snowing again. And this time it's sticking...

Work isn't cancelled yet though :(
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2007-01-16 10:03 pm


It's snowing outside

wet splutchy stuff, and not sticking, but still, snow!